Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is an edema and decongestive appliance to swollen body regions.
By maintaining rhythmic, gentle, circular movement techniques (standing circles, circling, “pumping motion” or scooping techniques) stretching effects occur (fill-, longitudinal and transverse elongation) throughout the skin layers. By these measures, tissue fluid is transported and waste fluids get purged.
But lymphatic drainage also include other things such as skin care, MLD via compression and decongestant gymnastics.
Elevated positioning and breathing gymnastics would be more applications.
Compression therapy (KPE) after manual lymph drainage is extremely important to prevent re-edematization (backflow of edema).
Areas of MLD application are: Lymphedema (secondary / primary), traumatic edema (injuries associated with swelling, e.g.: hamstring), CRPS / Sudeck’s disease, Phlebedema, Lipedema, after surgery or after tumor removal.